Whisky & Sumiyaki

Bridging the wall between food and whisky, amateurs and connoisseurs, youthful explorers and mature savants – all are welcome at The Wall. Savour a wide range of whiskies from rare single malts to blended whiskies. Discern the nuances in whisky-based cocktails as well as the enhancement of flavours with our food and whisky pairing menus.

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Our Story

Whisky, Cocktails and Sumiyaki:

We believe that whisky is for everyone. Our aim is to help the curious learn more about whisky and to discover their own palate while providing connoisseurs with access to rare drams and bottles.

We use small batch and handpicked spirits in our craft cocktails to tease our guests’ palates with nuances and aromas that give character to the concoction while providing value for money libations. Food is also featured prominently at The Wall, we pair freshly grilled sumiyaki with whiskies to help enhance the enjoyment of both. 

Within our Brick Walls

Housed within a 2-storey conservation shophouse in Tanjong Pagar, The Wall derives its name from the early 20th century brick walls on each side of the unit. Take a seat at our cosy 10-seater bar on the ground floor or climb the stairs to an intimate lounge decked out with plush leather chairs for more private conversations. We have an extensive cellar filled with exquisite wines and are also proud to showcase our extensive collection of rare whiskies that may be made available for consumption during special appreciation workshops. 

Menu Highlights

Ask for our Omakase 2 days in advance.

Piman Niku 雞肉釀青椒

Grilled Japanese Capsicum & Minced Chicken

Ebi Shiso 巨型虎蝦

Grilled Live Prawn with Shiso & Pork Belly

Miso Nasu 味噌茄

Grilled Japanese Eggplant with Miso

Tsukune 秘製鸡球

Homemade Chicken Ball

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