MMA Betting

MMA betting is an exciting and growing sport. It allows bettors to bet on the outcome of a specific fight without having to drive several hours to the nearest sportsbook. Moreover, mobile betting apps allow bettors to place wagers in just seconds and are available in all legal states.

The most popular MMA betting markets are moneylines, Over/Under totals, and method of victory bets. Each of these bets has a different payout depending on the amount of risk that a bettors takes on. In addition to these bets, MMA betting also offers an extensive variety of prop bets. The oddsmakers set the Over/Under totals based on the fighters’ styles and how many rounds are scheduled for the fight. The over/under total is then adjusted by the vig (or juice) that bookmakers charge to cover their operating expenses.

Method of victory bets are a great way to make a more precise prediction on how a fight will end. These bets give bettors the chance to win a specific outcome, such as knockout or submission. The odds on this type of bet can vary from +1500 to +2800 depending on how many points the winning fighter earns on a judge’s scorecard. A split decision is also possible, which is when two judges score the fight in favor of opposite fighters.

If you’re looking for a higher return on your bets, parlays are a great option. These bets consist of multiple outcomes on one ticket and require all of them to be correct in order to win. However, parlays are also more risky than individual bets and can lead to massive losses if just one outcome fails.

MMA matchups are usually based on weight classes, which are divided into different divisions. Each weight class has different levels of competition. For example, the light heavyweight division features the best strikers in the UFC. This means that younger fighters are more likely to win fights in this division than older fighters.

In addition to age, a fighter’s striking statistics should also be taken into consideration. The more strikes a fighter can land per minute, the better their chances of winning a fight. Similarly, a fighter’s stance is important to consider. Typically, orthodox fighters will have an advantage over southpaws.

Another thing to keep in mind is how fighters prepare for a fight. Often, fighters have to go through extreme measures in order to make the required weigh-ins for a fight. This may include starving themselves, consuming large amounts of water, and even overtraining to ensure that they don’t miss their weight cut. This can leave fighters exhausted and drained before the fight even starts.

Mma matches are scored by three judges, which can result in a wide range of outcomes. In general, the winner of a fight will receive more points than the loser. A fight can also end in a split decision or a technical draw.