Betting on MMA

The MMA betting market is growing in popularity thanks to the sport’s exciting fights, entertainment personalities, and various styles of fighting. In fact, betting on MMA is as easy as placing wagers on other major sports events. However, betting on MMA has some unique nuances to it that can make it difficult for some bettors to master. This article will discuss some key tips to keep in mind when betting on MMA.

Betting on a Winner

The easiest way to place a bet on an MMA fight is by putting money down on the fighter you think will win the fight. Mma bettors can choose to wager on a method of victory, as well, such as via submission or a knockout. These types of bets tend to have the smallest payout, but can still provide a significant amount of cash if you’re right.

Point Spreads

Unlike traditional moneyline betting, MMA point spreads are based on the margin by which a fighter wins a particular bout. This makes them more lucrative than betting on a fighter to win the fight based on their odds. The MMA betting oddsmakers will often give underdog fighters much higher points spreads than they deserve, so taking advantage of these bets is one of the best ways to profit from MMA betting.

Another popular type of MMA betting is on the Over/Under round totals. Depending on the matchup and the fighting styles of the two fighters, the oddsmakers will set an Over/Under total on the expected number of rounds in the fight. The Over/Under line will have a price of either +3.5 or +5.5, which is known as the “vig” or “juice” and is added to the actual fight odds.

Mma betting over/unders can be tricky to predict, as many factors go into determining how long the fight will last. For example, if a fighter is known for their jiu-jitsu expertise, it will likely be easier for them to win by submission. On the other hand, a fighter who is known for his or her knockout abilities may be more likely to end the fight in the first round.

Lastly, the fight format and the weight classes in MMA can have an impact on how long a fight lasts. Fighters who have been forced to cut down to a new weight class can struggle to maintain their form inside the octagon. Similarly, fighters who are coming off a knockout loss may become more cautious in their approach.

While the UFC remains the most popular MMA promotion, other MMA leagues are also making waves and increasing the popularity of the sport. As a result, DraftKings has expanded its MMA betting offering to include lines for both established fighters and up-and-coming stars from feeder leagues like the Contender Series. This allows MMA fans to wager on their favorite fights regardless of where they are located in the world.

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